Frequently asked questions last updated August 24, 2018

Do you offer typing jobs?
This website is about learning and practicing touch typing, which can surely help you land a job requiring this skill, but we are not affiliated with any job recruitment sites or agencies.
Do I have to register to use the website?
You have the option to log in using Facebook or Google. Doing this will provide a few perks:
  • Your progress in /lessons is automatically saved and will be available on any device you use.
  • You are able to view detailed statistics in both /lessons and /practice to help you improve in your weak areas.
  • You can save and share your custom exercises in /custom to create a personalized experience for yourself and others.
  • You can unlock achievements based on your performance.
  • Planned feature: Optional email reminders to practice regularly.
What data will you recieve from Facebook/Google when I log in?
Only your name, email address, profile image url and Facebook/Google ID will be stored in our database.
Can I use this on my tablet or phone?
This site was developed with physical keyboards in mind. If you connect one to your tablet or phone via a usb adapter or bluetooth, it should work without any problems. On-screen keyboards are not supported as you can’t really touch type on them.
What keyboard layouts are supported on the site?
The site itself is layout independent, but the lessons are designed with a certain layout in mind for each available language as the instructions do specify which key is to be pressed by which finger. The (US) english lessons are based on the standard QWERTY layout, but you can use any keyboard layout if you are willing to adapt the instructions a bit. You just need to look up the correct finger to use in the specific exercise and go with that instead of the original instructions. If your layout has extra keys not present in the standard US layout, you can use the custom practice option to create exercises specifically for those keys.
Will you support other layouts?
Multiple layouts are possible and Colemak is already supported as an alternative english layout. If you have a specific layout in mind for your native language and you are willing to help in writing the lessons for it, send us an email.
How do you calculate typing speed (WPM) and accuracy?
There is a great description over at speedtypingonline.com, read it if you are interested.
How do you calculate the stars I get for the exercises?
You start with one star and depending on your speed and accuracy will get the following modifiers:
  • If your WPM is bellow 0, you get -1 star
  • If your WPM is above 30, you get +1 star
  • If your WPM is above 50, you get +1 star besides the one you got for WPM 30+
  • If your accuracy is above 80%, you get +1 star
  • If your accuracy is 100%, you get +1 star besides the one you got for accuracy 80%+
To get 5 stars, all you need to do is reach 50+ WPM and 100% accuracy.
I found an error, will you fix it?
Sure, please send any errors and bugs to us and we will look into them ASAP.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us directly by sending an email to us. We are also present on Facebook and Twitter where you can send us messages.
This is cool, how can I help?
If you like the page and would like to help in making it even better, there are a number of ways that you can help:
  • Social media: A like or share is a simple click for you, but it means a world of difference for us. Please help us grow to reach a wider audience!
  • Development is fuelled by coffee… a lot of coffee and madness. If you really like the site please consider buying me some coffe :)