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Jazzberry Raspberry Pi mechanical keyboard

07/29/2019 10:50:45 | Views: 439

Article of www.geeky-gadgets.com: Mattis Folkestad has created a unique Raspberry Pi mechanical keyboard which neatly houses the mini PC creating an all in one computer system. The enclosure is 3D printed and combines a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and an Ajazz AK33 mechanical keyboard.

Jazzberry Raspberry Pi mechanical keyboard

The design leaves plenty of space under the keyboard for other peripherals to be included such as a battery, extra storage or breakout boards.

“This is an attempt to build a compact all-in-one computer based on the Ajazz AK33 keyboard. It’s designed to hold a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (or 4?) inside, with the keyboard mounted on top. All plugs to the Raspi have openings, the SD card has an opening underneath.

This is my first attempt at building and printing something in 3D, and I spent many hours making prototypes and reworking the design in Blender. For my prints, the fit was decent. The keyboard slides into the top part, minding the mini usb plug, and carefully snaps down on top of the chassis.”

For more details on the unique Raspberry Pi build and all-in-one computer jump over to the Thingiverse website by following the link below.

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