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Logitech's new mechanical keyboard lets you swap switches with ease

10/02/2019 11:31:09 | Views: 240

Article of www.engadget.com: Programmers, power users and gamers can be picky about their keyboards. Not only do some prefer old school microswitch keys, but they also want to get specific about what types of microswitches are under their keycaps. Logitech G's latest device, the PRO X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, will let you swap between three varieties of switches, providing assorted types of feedback and key travel, from "linear" to "clicky."

Logitech's new mechanical keyboard lets you swap switches with ease

The keyboard is aimed at pro gamers, but amateurs may also be drawn to the high-end compact design, precision and obligatory RGB lighting.

The PRO X uses GX switches, which come in several varieties and are color-coded by feel. GX brown switches are described as "tactile" and give clear but quiet feedback upon a button press. Red "linear" switches are closer to standard keyboards and have a smooth keystroke. Blue switches elicit that loud, "clicky" noise and feel that typists from bygone eras look back on with either nostalgia or disdain.

Logitech G will sell packs of 92 replacement GX switches for the PRO X for $50 each when the keyboard goes on sale later this month, which will be enough to replace each switch on the device. The real draw here is that the switches are hot-swappable; most keyboards' switches are soldered to the circuit board. Making a swap on the PRO X should take less than an hour, as opposed to the days of work it could take to desolder and resolder every switch on a standard keyboard. For those who just want a PRO X without the swappable functionality, Logitech G will also offer a version of the keyboard outfitted with permanent blue switches.

Customizable keyboards aren't exactly new. Drop (formerly called MassDrop) offers hot-swappable keyboards that can also be customized further with colored keycaps and other accessories. Logitech G's entry into the market signals a mainstream demand for these types of keyboards, and the brand's size and long-standing supply chain mean lower prices than boutique shops can offer. The PRO X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will retail at $149.99 and the PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (without the swappable microswitches) will cost $129.99.

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