Why should I learn to type?

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Probably you never thought of typing as a must-have skill crucial in your life, but maybe it is now time to rethink that position. Even if your job does not include creating elaborate documents in Word, you would probably benefit greatly from the time saved if you knew how to type. Just think of all the emails and instant messages you send daily. How about the searches you make in Google? Do you use the address bar in your browser to manually enter urls? The list could go on and on with things we all do but never think about in this light. Here are the top reasons why you should to learn how to type...

Why should I learn to type?

Save some time

If you never learned how to type properly, you are probably using the hunt-and-peck method when you interact with the keyboard. This means using 2 fingers on each hand to press the keys all the while looking for the next key to be pressed. This is highly inefficient as it uses only a few fingers, which have to travel a lot over the keyboard. You also lose a lot of time because you literally have to hunt for the next key.

Typing is about efficiency, shaving off a few milliseconds here and there which add up to seconds, minutes, hours and days in the long run. With practice, pressing the right keys is simply muscle memory, which you can train to be faster and faster saving even more time.

You might think that you are already typing pretty fast, but I can guarantee, that within 3 months you will double your speed with the correct technique. Double speed means half as much time spent on typing, which means that you will have that time to spend on something else. You can be more productive, or just procrastinate more… that is entirely your decision.

Increase your focus

When you hunt for the keys while typing, you are looking at the keyboard and not the screen. While your keyboard might be pretty to look at, taking your eyes off the screen will mess with your focus as you will concentrate on the keys instead of what you want to write.

Switching your focus between the screen and the keyboard will also slow you down. We look back up on the screen to verify that what we typed is correct. If you learn how to type properly, you will never have to look down anymore on the keys and will instantly know if you made a mistake. This will not only save time, but will help you focus more on what to write instead of how to write it.

Fewer errors

Whenever you make even just one typo, you are forced to stop, press backspace and type the character you really wanted to. That is an additional 2 key presses for just one mistake. Imagine what happens when you don’t catch the error instantly. First you have to position the cursor before or after the typo, press delete or backspace and press the correct key. This could take precious seconds if you are even just 3-4 characters away. When you are hunting for the keys you are not looking at the screen, so this is a very much possible scenario.

When you learn the proper technique, the key presses come from muscle memory. With regular practice you’ll have fewer and fewer errors and as you are looking at the screen when typing, you will catch them faster too.

Better productivity

Learning how to type will enable you to write faster with fewer errors and better focus. Unfortunately this will not happen instantly as you will need some time to adapt and form muscle memory.

In the first few weeks you will really need to force yourself to use the new method even if it is slower. Thankfully this slowdown is only temporary and with 5-10 minutes of daily practice you will quickly catch up and surpass your previous speed. You will be able to do other things with all the time you save and this will make you more productive in whatever you want to do.


Interested? Try the typing test to see your speed now. I bet that after completing the typing course and practicing for just 60 days, you will reach 50 WPM (words per minute) with ease.


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