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The Ghost Keyboard has markings on the front of the keys for a stealthy minimal appeal

09/06/2019 13:18:58 | Views: 196

Article of www.yankodesign.com: Created as a part of Render Weekly’s design challenge, the Ghost Keyboard is interesting for its use, or rather overuse of minimalism (to the extent of possibly being counter-intuitive). The keyboard looks pretty standard, except for one crucial detail… the markings on the keys. Wellens’ Ghost keyboard doesn’t traditionally have the markings on the top of each key, as is expected, but rather takes on a different approach, with markings etched onto the front surface of the keys. Its stealthy appeal comes from the removal of a rather elemental detail, but the result is something incredibly interesting.

The Ghost Keyboard has markings on the front of the keys for a stealthy minimal appeal

The Ghost keyboard should evoke one of two reactions. Exhilaration or confusion. To some, the lack of perceivable markings may be a major deal-breaker, but to others, who are so comfortable with typing while looking at the screen that they really don’t need the markings (because muscle-memory is a powerful tool), the Ghost keyboard is an incredibly unique and hauntingly beautiful keyboard that even comes with its own cushion-wrist-rest for the seasoned typist. My only concern about lusting over this beautiful piece of hardware? I haven’t memorized which punctuation mark sits over which number key.

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