Review: The Keychron K1 and K2 are the wireless mechanical keyboards I’ve been waiting for

04/03/2019 10:20:32 | Views: 58

Article of If you spend most of your day typing, you need a good keyboard. Thankfully, there are good keyboards aplenty nowadays. Entire forums and YouTube channels are dedicated to mechanical keyboards, and people obsess over the feel of numerous switches and keycaps. 

Review: The Keychron K1 and K2 are the wireless mechanical keyboards I’ve been waiting for

Despite all this, it’s surprisingly hard to find keyboards that do all the things I want. Specifically:

  • Reliable wireless performance
  • USB-C (in 2019, I find anything else offensive)
  • Good design
  • Good keycaps
  • Non-gamery aesthetics
  • Except RGB lighting
  • Available in compact, tenkeyless size
  • Optional: Low-profile mechanical switches
  • Reasonable price

Then Keychron offered to send over its K1 and K2 keyboards – the former with low-profile switches, the latter with standard ones. It was like someone had read my mind. Here were two solid mechanical keyboards that, for once, weren’t designed specifically for gamers and came with Bluetooth and USB-C. The price was reasonable, with the K1 starting at $74 (plus shipping). They’re also two of few mechanical keyboards designed with Mac users in mind – they come with keycaps for both Windows and Mac users.

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