New features in Community texts!

03/16/2018 22:07:19 | Views: 443

The option to practice using your own texts in Custom texts was a feature right from the start on Building on this, the option to save and share your custom exercises in Community texts was a new feature introduced at the end of last year. It wasn’t pretty and wasn’t very user-friendly, but we are slowly getting there... thanks to coffee?

New features in Community texts!

As of now things should be way better as a few improvements were made thanks to the 2 coffees I drank today. I was driving to my home town and back to help a neighbour out and on the way I drank a Melange and an Espresso to stay alert. I don’t drink coffee to often, so this really opened my eyes, so to speak. To release all my extra energy when I got home I sat down to code a bit and chose to mess with the Community texts section.

I already added pagination a few days ago, but didn’t make a big fuss about it as the list still wasn’t very usable. Maybe the biggest problem was that users were met with exercises in all languages available indiscriminately. This resulted in english speaking users seeing only hungarian texts on the first page as I added 22 of them a few weeks ago. To remedy this the list is now pre-filtered when you open Community texts only showing the language you opened the website in. Of course you can disable the language filter at any time and you can filter to any language you desire to.

The next problem was the list itself. Not only was it ugly, but the title of an exercise also didn’t provide enough information to users about what that specific exercise contained. The solution for this was to add a sample of the text to be typed. Thankfully - at least in my opinion - this pretty much beautified the list too, so I consider both problems to be solved.

The last feature added was the ability to favorite texts when logged in. This should be pretty useful if you find texts that you like and would love to try typing again later. You just have to click on the heart icon next to the title and when you click on the My favorites link above the list, you will be presented with a list containing only your favorited exercises.

Of course you can also combine the filters. You can click on a language, a user and My favorites and you will be presented by a list of your favorite exercises uploaded by a certain user in a certain language.

As for the future, I think two more features will need to be added to Community texts: There should be a list of languages available, to make all options visible at a glance and there should also be a search field too, so you can search for texts containing specific expressions or topics. I think this could really transform the site into a huge database of publicly available practice texts.

What do you think? Answer in the comments below...


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New features in Community texts!
The option to practice using your own texts in Custom texts was a feature right from the start on Building on this, the option to save and...

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