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Microsoft announces new keyboard, mouse and other accessories

10/02/2020 10:12:08 | Views: 923

Article of As people around the world are settling into new work- or study-from-home routines, Microsoft is rolling out new products it says will upgrade your home office space. The tech giant has announced accessories to accompany its new Surface products, including a compact keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft announces new keyboard, mouse and other accessories

Microsoft describes the new Designer Compact Keyboard as “slim, narrow and elegant.” The keyboard has a two-year battery life, and thanks to Bluetooth capability can switch between three devices. It starts at $69.99. For those who don’t need a full keyboard (or want to add more features to the Compact Keyboard), Microsoft is offering a similarly small and wireless number pad for $24.99.

If you’re looking to make your home office experience comfortable and conducive to long hours in front of the computer, Microsoft has designed a “light and durable” Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse with a soft thumb rest. The wireless mouse is priced at $49.99.

Finally, Microsoft’s new wireless display adapter supports 4K resolution for projecting work or school presentations onto a bigger screen; it’s priced at $69.99. Microsoft hasn’t yet said when these accessories will be on sale, but we’d imagine they’ll be available alongside the new Surface hardware the company announced today.

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