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05/30/2019 21:55:21 | Views: 417

Ever since March of 2015, Typing-SpeedTest.com was a free to use tool for anyone who wanted to get better at typing. It is still just a single-person hobby project that was created to develop my own typing skills. Sure it had ads from the beginning, and thankfully that helps a lot when I have to pay the hosting bill.

Go Premium!

The problem is that balancing work, private life and this hobby project is really hard. I would love to put more time and effort into this, but that would mean less time spent on jobs that do pay the bills.

Now I’m trying something new with Typing-SpeedTest.com Premium.

Not much is changing, especially in the beginning. This is not a subscription service, but something extra to those users who really like the page and decide to donate through buymeacoffee.com.

Whoever donates will get an ad-free experience on the site and access to premium content like business letters and the latest books added to the collection for 31 days for each cup of coffee. Of course there will be a bunch of other free and premium developments in the future, but I had to start somewhere.

Thank you for reading this far. Please do check out the page describing Premium and if you feel like it, buy me a coffee :) 

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