Achievements unlocked!

08/20/2018 19:58:31 | Views: 288

Been planning to add achievements to the site for well over a year and now they are finally here. Go ahead and log in, you’ll be greeted with the achievements you already unlocked in a notification window and you’ll be able to check all available achievements on the /my-account page.

Achievements unlocked!

There are altogether 52 achievements and some of them are extremely hard, maybe impossible to unlock. Most of them on the other hand need just a little time and effort - and the more time you spend practicing, the better you will be at typing at the end.


The achievement icons were designed by Mihály Molnár. Visit his Behance page to see more of his art.


As always, any feedback is welcome. If you find a bug, please do report it, so I can fix it as soon as possible.


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Achievements unlocked!
Been planning to add achievements to the site for well over a year and now they are finally here. Go ahead and log in, you’ll be greeted with the achievem...

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